Endevco is the most trusted provider of dynamic measurements solutions in the field of research, development, test and evaluation.

Whether measuring mode shapes of disk drive components, skin surface pressures of an experimental aircraft, shock testing to improve product durability or the vibration level of a new hybrid energy system, we offer the most comprehensive and reliable line of transducers, cables, electronics and accessories.




7251A, 41A, 2224C

Wind tunnel

8507C, 8515C

Drop testing

727, 22, 23, 136

Environmental shock and vibration testing

7201, 7253D, 7240C

Modal analysis

F4/F7, 43A, 45A, 133

Sports equipment testing

7264B, 35B

Test verification setup

4830B, REF2520R


Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) use stress testing methodologies to find defaults prior to products being released in order to prevent costly repairs in the field.

The Model 7251A is a real “workhorse”. It is a small piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics that is hermetically sealed against environmental contamination, offers high output sensitivity, and wide bandwidth.

The 41A family has many TEDs capable accelerometers with a variety of configurations that make it compatible with a wide range of applications.  For those budget stressed projects, take a look at the small but rugged 2224C.

Wind tunnel

Wind tunnels can be classified by air flow speed (subsonic, transonic, supersonic, hypersonic) or shape (open or closed).  The key to reliable pressure measurements in all tunnels is using a pressure transducer that does not interfere with the air flow and has a high frequency response.

The miniature, low profile, pancake-shaped 8515C pressure sensor can be adhesively mounted on curved surfaces with minimal effect on laminar air or hot gas flow.

Where the application requires a cylindrical package, the miniature 8507C can be deployed. Both of these sensors feature an active four-arm strain gage bridge diffused into a sculptured silicon diaphragm.

Self-contained hybrid temperature compensation provides stable performance over a wide temperature range of 0°F to 200°F (-18°C to +93°C). Each unit has excellent linearity to 3X their respective ranges.

Sports equipment testing

A wide variety of Endevco accelerometers have been used for obtaining dynamic equipment measurements in group and individual sports.

Among others, they include the 7264C (soccer), 7264B (hockey, football), 2228C (cricket), 2250A (baseball), the triaxial Model 65 (golf), 7255A (golf) and tennis (25B).

Common to all sports accelerometer applications is the need for small size in a rugged package that can withstand high shocks. The 35B is another good example. This sensor is the world’s smallest triaxial IEPE accelerometer (0.235 inch cube) and withstands shocks to 5000 g’s.