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High speed train crash testing


High speed train tilt/ride quality

7290G, 8515C, 8530C, 2271A

Military vehicle testing

7280A, 7264H, 44A, 7290GM5

Heavy machinery testing

65HTLPF, 7290GM5, 2280

Shipboard machinery vibration

7259B, 7704A, 2775B

Motorcycle/ATV engine development

8510B, 8540, 65HT

Military vehicle testing

Military vehicles experience some of the harshest testing imaginable. They are shot at, blown up, crashed and driven through all types of road and off-road conditions. The 7280A accelerometer is the unit of choice for explosive tests as these sensors have a range of 20K to 60K g’s and the highest frequency response.

When vehicles are crashed for passenger safety testing, the use of the 7264H is advised as this accelerometer is damped, has a broad frequency response and is SAE J211/J2570 compliant.

The low g 7290GM5 has a watertight option which makes it ideal for road tests while the triaxial 44A is a rugged all-purpose accelerometer with a broad frequency response that can reliably collect data in a wide range of vehicle testing environments.

Heavy machinery testing

Heavy machines encompass mobile heavy construction vehicles that are used for moving earth, tearing down buildings and erecting new structures.  As g forces operating on these vehicles often must be examined in 3 axis, the triaxial 65HTLPF accelerometer should be your first choice considering its small size makes it convenient to install and its titanium housing gives excellent protection against corrosion.

For those higher temperature applications (350˚F to 900˚F), choose the triaxial 2280 accelerometer. Besides operating at elevated temperature, this unit requires no power.

The 7290GM is a low range, low frequency variable capacitance accelerometer specifically designed to monitor shocks and vibration over a wide variety of terrains.

Shipboard machinery vibration

High levels of ship vibration are to be avoided at all costs as they cause material fatigue and discomfort to crews and passengers. Sources of machine vibration include, but are not limited to, diesel generators, gearboxes, main engines, propellers, propulsion systems and pumps.

The radiation-hardened 7704A PE accelerometer is reserved for the more exotic nuclear-powered submarines, aircraft carriers and icebreakers while the all-purpose, low profile 7259B miniature IEPE accelerometer can handle a wide range of non-nuclear shipboard vibration measurements. Both of these sensors are compatible with the 2775B signal conditioner.